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What is Udaan startup? in Detail

Today we will be sharing all the details with you about Udaan startup in detail. You might be having many questions regarding these startups, so all your Doubts will be getting cleared after reading these articles.

What is Udaan Startup?

Udaan was started in 2016 and the founders are AMOD MALVIYA, VAIBHAV GUPTA AND SUJEET KUMAR.

Udaan is a B2B E-Commerce platform, actually what they does is connecting Wholesalers, Retailers, Traders, Manufacturers on one platform.

So the advantage of what you get is if you are a Manufacturer so you can sell your products all over India with the help of Udaan startup, and if you are a retailer then you can get products at a fair price.

Currently Udaan is working in many different categories such as;

  • Mobile and Electronics
  • IT and computers
  • Staple
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Home and Kitchen

and many other categories will be coming soon.

Udaan currently has more than 20k sellers, more than 10 lakhs Retailers and selling more than 15 lakh products.

If you are a Manufacturer, Retailer, Trader or a small business owner, so you can get benefits of Udaan, just register by visiting

Factors that Helped Udaan in Gaining Success;

  • Mobile Internet (4G) Launch which made India to become digitalized.
  • Demonitization
  • Goods and service Tax helped in interstate goods transfer.

In the Initial years, Udaan decided to focus on just 2 categories, that is Mobile accessories and fashion which has a large market in India, though building a distribution network throughout India was a very tough task in the initial years.

Sellers were getting a very nice market to sell their products, and Buyers were also getting a very reasonable price in these market, in these way Udaan started to gain success.

To Solve a Logistics problem, they opened a company named Udaan express which transfers 8-9 kgs packages, and also by solving credit problems which small business owners face, the two major issues were solved by Udaan Startup.

How Udaan Startup Earns?

  • Commission from Successful transaction.
  • Charging from logistic sevices provided by Udaan
  • Interest on Credit Loans
  • Charging from Value added Services.

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