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Steve Jobs Net Worth in Detail ?

When Steve jobs was born, his biological parents had no choice but to put the baby up for adoption and he was soon adopted by his new parents. this was one interesting fact about Steve jobs, so in these article we will discuss lot of things about Steve jobs, such as Education, lifesyle, Steve Jobs Net Worth and many other things, so lets continue.

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Steve Jobs Education

Steve jobs was bright kid but unfortunately, he was bullied at school. So he preferred to spend his time alone and he was bullied so hard that he wanted to transfer schools or he would never attend school again.

At his new school he saw his first computer at the age of 12, and he took his first electronic class that time. Steve jobs was a very smart boy, but he never liked the school learning process. He loved to learn in different ways, so during his high school years out of 4 GPA, he was achieved a 2.70 GPA. It shows that he wasn’t a bad student, but certainly he wasn’t the best.

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He was average, after he graduated high school he went to reed college, but Steve jobs dropped out in the first 6 months. Even though he dropped out he was unofficially attending classes that interested him, such a calligraphy. At that time he struggled to survive. He didn’t have place to stay, so he slept on the floor of his friends room and returned bottles for 6 cents deposit to buy food, it was one of the hardest periods of his life. Also he spent some time backpacking around india and that trip was one of the most enlightening experience of his life.

why Steve jobs never became the worlds richest man ?

Apple is making huge profits now. However, the person who founded Apple and led it to greatness never became the worlds richest man, unlike some others. In fact,even if he would be alive today, he still wouldn’t be even in the top 10 richest peopleeven though he has built the worlds most valuable company from scratch.

So, let’s try to find out why Steve Jobs wealth had nothing to do with Apple even though he spent his entire life building it. You see, Steve Jobs had a complicated relationship with Apple. Just after 2 years of starting Apple, Steve Jobs Net Worth was already over a million dollar. In fact, Apple 2 was so successful that by the time Steve was 25, his net worth exceeds 250 million dollars.

That made him one of the youngest people ever on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the United States.What’s more, he was part of a very tiny group of people under 30 to make the list with no inherited money. Even When the company completed its initial rounds of fundraising, Jobs still held 26% of the company which would worth today over 214 billion dollars. Nonetheless, along the way, Jobs kept selling his shares and after 5 years of the company going public, Jobs stake of the company has dropped to only 11 percent. However, this incredible success didn’t last long. After recruiting John Sculley, the head of Pepsi-Cola, to be its new chief executive (CEO). Things went bad for Jobs. These two men had absolutely different visions for the company and in the spring of 1985, the board sided with John Sculley and removed Jobs from His position. He left the company and sold all of his shares for 130 million dollars

Before he passed away, Steve Jobs Net Worth was around 10 billion dollars which mostly consisted of Disney shares.It’s only after he died, the company’s valuation soared to over a trillion dollars(graph). If jobs had kept his 26 percent stake, it would worth a whopping amount of 209 billion dollars. Even his 11 percent stake that he held after the company went public would worth today over 88 Billion dollars (88 660 000 000).That would make him the 3rd richest person in the world.Nonetheless, you can’t really blame him for selling his shares since he couldn’t have expected to be back at Apple after he was forced out.And that’s why the man who built the worlds most valuable company never became the worlds richest man.

Steve Jobs The Man In The Machine

Steve jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple from his parents garage. In 10 years Apple had grown from just two people in a garage into a $2 billion company.

In 1984, Apple released their first “Macintosh Computer” but the sales were disappointing so in 1985, jobs was pushed out of his own company.

At 30 he was out from his own company, he was disappointed despite everything he later recognized this experience as a blessing in disguise. He even founded a new company, after Steve jobs left Apple.

The company found little success and continued to struggle, but with the success of microsoft, Apple was on the verge of bankrupcy, but in 1997 with his creative ideas . Steve jobs reformed Apple and saved the company and now, rest is the history that you all know.

Apple became the first Trillion Dollar company, but unfortunately steve jobs pased away in 2011, but he left behind A Legacy, that now people die to purchase Apple products.

His success story is amazing, from an average student failed many times in his career, was rejected, fired, disappointed, but became one of the greatest vissionaries of the 21st century.


so whenever you feel lost, depressed ask yourself,

What can i do to make my life better” ?

Stop living in fear and getup and fight for your dreams. It doesnt matter what people tell you, you have the power to create the life you deserve, remember one thing. YOUR TIME IS LIMITED.


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