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SEQUOIA SURGE in detail 2020.

Everything About Sequoia Surge

Sequoia Surge programme can give 1 to 2 million dollar funding to your startup !!!!! Yes you heard it right, to know more about these please read these Article.

If you have a great idea of creating a Startup and done with your presentation , analysis and selection of products etc , then these surge programme can give a good boost to your startup .

What is Sequoia Surge ?

It was started By Sequoia India in January 2019 , it is conducted Two times a year and selects almost 10 to 15 companies per batch.

Basically it is a 5 weeks program but spreads out in 16 weeks .

Advantages of Sequois Surge !!!

The biggest advantage – As soon as you get selected in these programme , you are eligible to get $1-2 million seed funding.

Community building support

Mentors are there to support

Connection with various successful start-ups

With the help of these huge funding you are hire skilled employes in your startup which will help your startup to grow.

Sequoia Surge

Company building support

These is provided by the Surge Team , which gives deep guidance about TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING, LEGAL , RECRUITING by conducting various workshops so you can easily handle such tasks , and helps you identifying various obstacles much earlier.

Access to Mentors and Experts

You get the help of various Experts in these field, you will get the access to Mentors like founders of CRED , UNACADEMY , FAASOS , ZLINGO, FRESHWORKS and many more which will be invaluable.

Chance to raise more funding

In the end of these programme , there is upsurge conducted for 1 week where you get the chance to present your business to many investors , and if they found something unique then you can get more funding.

Who is Sequoia Surge For ?

If you are having a great idea , your startup is getting little boost , got some amount of funding, from above all of these

Your startup will get a good impression on Sequoia surge marketing team .

How to Apply ?

Application for Surge 4 are open till July 15 ,after July 15 Surge 5 Application will open.

Application website –

Fill in all the details and you are ready to go.

Popular Sequoia Surge Startups

Many start-ups became successful after participation in these programme, one of the most successful is  KhataBook  which raised total of $173 million funding.

Doubtnut – raised total funding of $18.9 Million and many others start-ups like Bulbul  , Scaler Academy and many more.

Facts about Sequoia Surge

Within past 18 months , these programme has invested $100 million in 29 Indian start-ups and raised total funding of more than $200 Million and they know that at the initial phase, Startups require fundings , guidance , mentors in that critical phase.

What is Sequoia Capital?

It is a very famous American Capital firm that started in 1972 and they have in multinational companies like Apple, Google, Oracle, Nvidia, GitHub, Paypal, Stripe, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Now you know how much successful firm Sequoia Capital is.

It will be a great Help to Startup if you get selected in these programme.

So do not waste time, if you are interested in opening a Startup, the link is given in this article.

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