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Major Dhyan Chand Information

Major Dhyan Chand :

This Article is all about Major Dhyan Chand. He also known as the God of Hockey in all over the world and will disclose many other interesting facts about Major Dhyan Chand which will blow your mind away. it is important for us to remember stories of our forgotten heroes.

Major Dhyan Chand who was born on 29th August Allahabad, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, British India means on his Birthday we are celebrating National Sports Day. Major Dhyan Chand was a phenomenal hockey player. He is also known for his best Goal Scoring Techniques. He was the greatest Hockey Player of all time. Let see who knows the Answer : Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium is situated in which city? answer this question in the comments section.

At the age of 16, he joined Army, yes you heard right. Just at the age of 16 he joined army, with the salary of just 12 Indian rupees Major Dhyan chand also known as Dhyan singh was very statisfied and happy because he could buy a Hockey ball in that amount. With the help of Broken Branches of tress Major began to play hockey in the Moon light after the workhours and these began the golden era of the Indian Hockey.

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1928 Amsterdam Olympics

Major Dhyan Chand had won 3 Gold medals for India in 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

Score card






India defeated Netherlands by 3-0 on their own Home Ground.


Major Dhyan Chand was such a Master in his goal that one of the officials of the Netherland Olympics Breaked his Hockey stick. Just to check if there was a Magnet Hidden Inside, because once he had a ball then it was impossible to take it away. Such was his felicity with the Goals. In that Era, INDIA was Ruled by the British Empire, so our Hockey Team were not even having Funds to participate in the Olympics. They took a Loan from PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK and participated, and made a record by scoring 24 Goals against the USA, not only these but also won GOLD Medal in these Events.

Legendary Cricketer Don Bradman when met Dhyan chand and saw his game and told that

He scores Goals in Hockey in the same way that Runs are Scored in Cricket.

1936 Berlin Olympics

During the 1936 Berlin Olympics Indian Hockey Team got to witness one of the greatest Victory. After the first match, Berlin was filled with posters and the crowd started gathering at Hockey Ground to watch Dhyan Chand Magical Hockey. Because the headline of the German newspaper was “ There is now a magical show on the Olympic campus”.

Words on the Posters were “ Go to the Hockey stadium and see the Magic of the Indian Magician”

When INDIA was considered just a British Colony, our Hockey Team played to make a Statement and gave INDIA a great Identity at the International Level.

Some Interesting Facts

We won the Finals against Germany by scoring 8-1 and Hitler was so Impressed with Major Dhyan Chand Information that he actually met him and asked him What is your Rank in the Indian Army? Dhyan Chand was at Lance Naik rank back then, so he was offered a higher rank in the German Army by Hitler, and the answer by the Dhyan Chand was clearly NO to one of the fearless leaders of the world back then.

1932 and 1936 in Olympics. Major Dhyan Chand was undoubtedly one of the major sports man to popularize this sport. In his International career as a sports man he scored more than 400 Goals. In 1936 Berlin Olympics, Major Dhyan Chand made a grand presentation of his skills as a sports man. In 2002, the National Hockey Stadium, in Delhi was renamed as Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium.

3 olympics Gold Medal , 400 + International Goals and Playing Bare foot in Olympics

But never got Bharat Ratna Award, not even treated as a hero in India after winning 3 Olympics Gold Medals. After Retirement Major Dhyan Chand faced a lot of financial problems and in the end he was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and passed away in AIIMS Delhi in a General ward as if he was NOBODY. Dhyan Chand passed away on 3rd December 1979, but will always be remembered as one of the greatest hockey players.


Interesting Facts

  1. Major Dhyan Chand is also known as the “Wizard Of Hockey”.
  • Major Dhyan Chand’s real name was Dhyan Singh. His first coach was Pankaj Gupta, conferred the title ‘Chand’ upon him in a bid to compare his praiseworthy skillfulness in playing hockey with the shining moon.
  • In his early days, Dhyan Chand had no interest in playing hockey; he loved wrestling instead.
  • He did not wear shoes in the final match of the Berlin Olympics to increase his speed. India won the match 8-1.
  • In his career, Major Dhyan Chand scored more than 1000 goals.
  • He is the only hockey player so far to have been awarded the Padma Bhushan.
  • His birthday is celebrated as the Sports Day in India.


In 1956, the Indian Government awarded him with Padma Bhushan and the Indian Postal Service published a Postal Stamp in his remembrance.

Major Dhyan Chand Retired from the Indian Army as a Major. National Sports Day is celebrated all over India by organizing Marathons, Walkathons, and celebrated with Football Tournaments. In their first year, FICCI celebrated National Sports Day together with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and other sports bodies. National Sports Day is celebrated in many Educational Institutes and Sports Academies. This day is one of the rare days on which we remember our country’s sports Heroes.

Todays Time

To boost sport spirit the sports scenario in the country a lot of sports and events are conducted. Some events are organized to appreciate many new sports players and give them awards & recognition. On this day, in Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium, New Delhi On this day, in Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium, New Delhi various matches are organized between Hockey Teams in the country. Along with that, Arjun Award and Khel Ratna Awards are also distributed by our President.

These was all about Major Dhyan Chand Information which we could present to you in the form of these Article, hope you all like it. Do share these article and dont forget to comment.

Jai Hind


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