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Inspiring short story of Cristiano ronaldo 2020


                The story of CR7

Intro – This inspiring short story is written so you can get some inspiration from these great personalities and implement these habits in your life to get successful.

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Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira and comes from a very poor family . his early life was filled with a lot of struggles. His father was a gardener, who was an alcoholic and later in 2005 died from liver failure. His mother worked as a cook and a cleaning lady so she can provide a Hot meal for the family.

When he was 8. He began to play for Andorinha, his first club, where his father worked as a kit man. Even in the early days his talent was amazing and his work ethics were praiseworthy. At the age of 11 Ronaldo caught the attention of the sporting club DE PORTUGAL. When he was growing up everybody knew that he was talented but they also said that Cristiano is small and skinny.

So he made a decision at 11 years of age and started sneaking out of the Dormitory at night too for the workout and slowly he got bigger and faster.

One of the most difficult moments for the Cristiano was to leave Madeira to join the LISBON ACADEMY which gave him everything, but it also took him far away from home, before he was really ready.. when Cristiano Ronaldo was playing for the LISBON his career almost ended before it began. He was diagnosed with a heart condition that unfortunately race his heart even if he was not playing or running.

Then he has undergone a heart surgery that fixed his problem, finally, he could run and practice and focus on the dream which is most important to achieve his dream.

The inspiring short story of Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2003 Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract worth 15 million (euro) and became the first Portuguese player to be a part of Manchester united.

In 2009, when Cristiano Ronaldo made a move from Manchester United to Real Madrid he became the most expensive footballer in history.

When signed a four-year contract with the Juventus with a transfer worth 100 million (euros) that transfer was the highest for the player over 30 years old.

Ronaldo has won 27 trophies in his career, including five league titles and five European cups and one European championship. His incredible capabilities to focus and work hard has built his skills every day and made him who he is today.

So no matter what obstacles and setbacks he faces Ronaldo is up for every challenge. So remember obstacles, failure, and setbacks make you stronger day by day and you should learn from them.



It is my conviction that there is no limit to learning and that it can never stop no matter its whats your age.

To desire to evolve become the best and to taste great is universal in all human beings. I mean there is not a single person who doesn’t want to become great, but only a few people can achieve it with their sweat, hard work, and lots of effort to really become great.

Don’t be the person who only dreams to achieve greatness but doesn’t lift a finger for it. The world is filled with talented peoples. Talent matters but matters less

What really matters is how dedicated you are to your calling. Work hard if you want to achieve greatness!!!

YOU DONT HAVE TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

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