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Vivek Chaand Sehgal Motherson ( In detail)

Vivek Chaand Sehgal Motherson

This article, we will be discussing about Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd and the Founder of Motherson Mr. Vivek Chaand Sehgal, and the success behind the company.

Began their journey ( started in 1975 ) with just RS 1000, which eventually turned into an $11.3 Billion company. It currently operates in 41 countries. The most interesting fact is, they achieved these successes when there was No Funding, No Network, No Resources, Lots of Restrictions, and Regulation, providing they build up a successful global company right here from India.

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Startup Mantra – Focus on Learning and Survival on your Initial Stage of your Startup , because if you are standing strong for the future then only you will be able to grow.

Vivek Chaand Sehgal Motherson founder of Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd started these company at just 18 years old with his Mother. In the First 15 – 20 years, the focus of Motherson Pvt ltd was absolutely on Learning and Survival said by Vivek Chaand Sehgal himself.

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You all might be thinking What is the business of Motherson Pvt Ltd ???

This is an AutoMobile component Manufacturing company. At the Earlier Days, Maruti Suzuki started production of their cars, and eventually for the need of Auto Mobile component, collaborated with Motherson Pvt Ltd and many other companies.

A Japanese company Sumitomo wiring Systems Ltd got in partnership with Motherson and then Motherson Sumi systems started in 1986. With the help of Sumitomo wiring systems, Motherson started focusing on the production of the wiring harness and began supplying their Wiring Harness to Honda, Yamaha, and Maruti Suzuki.

Intension of Motherson was to supply many more different products to their Existing clients.So they started production of

  • Car Interior Parts.
  • Exterior Parts
  • Bumper
  • Dashboard
  • Rearview mirror and many other car-related parts.

Due to these Motherson sumi pvt ltd started growing very Rapidly.

Focusing on Global Expansion

Vivek chaand sehgal Motherson

Motherson Sumi PVT LTD Started focusing on Global expansion which was a very good decision and now the result is currently Motherson Sumi has 270 plus Facilities in 41 countries and still, the Expansion is growing on a very rapid state.

Interesting Facts.

In 2009, Motherson Sumi System Pvt Ltd acquired UK Based company name Visiocorp. Visiocorp was in a production of Rearview mirrors, and if we calculate by sales, Visiocorp sales were double then Motherson, after Acquiring Visiocorp, Motherson became the worlds largest manufacturer of RearView mirrors.


Motherson Sumi systems are also entering in different industries such as Medical Devices, Aerospace, Security systems, Logistics and obviously they have strong footprint in the Automobile Industry with clients such as

  • LandRover
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • general motors
  • BMW
  • Volks Wagen

Currently, Motherson Sumi systems Manufacture more than 2500+ parts and currently the 23rd largest Auto component Manufacturer.


Motherson Sumi Systems stated $18 Billion target to be achieved in this year in 2020, but due to the COVID pandemic they could not achieve it, and currently in the loss of RS 1191 CRORES, due to zero production because of Lockdown.

Motherson Sumi systems targeted $36 Billion till the year 2025 by entering into various sectors. That’s all for Vivek Chaand Sehgal Motherson, If you like these Article so share it, and don’t forget to share your precious thought in the comment section below.


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