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Untold story of Battle of Rezang La

Battle of Rezang La

Today we will discuss about the story of  Battle of Rezang La, in short, these is the Kesari of Ladakh.

First, let’s talk about china !!!! China is the superpower in Asia if not in the entire world , they have everything, Technology, Money, Population, in short China is powerful and nobody messes with it, not even US and not even Russia.

In 1962 China wanted to teach India a Lesson.

India never expected that China would attack, and yes we were wrong. On 18th November 1962, 6000 Chinese troops entered Rezangla.

It was Winter time with zero temperatures. No air support, No Artillery, not even Bullet vest nothing!!! There was no way Indians could win these.

Major Shaitan Singh

Our brave led by Major Shaitan Singh decided to fight back in the battle of Rezang La. There were 50 Chinese soldiers for every 1 Indian, they smartly attacked at the absolute darkness of 3 am, with 200 soldiers India managed to beat that wave.

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By 6 am the Chinese brought their big guns for the End game and by that time Indians were already fighting for more than 3 hours without communication and backup because it was Ladakh, it was extreme and remote and was almost ignored by then Government.

At one point our soldiers Ran out of Ammunitions, but they didn’t run out of Bravery, Our brave Indian Army fought for the Chinese with everything they had.

Nayak Hukum Chand crushed the Chinese soldiers with his bare hands. The Soldiers Fighting these Losing Battle had a chance to withdraw. They had the Excuse, but the second in command said ;

saabji peeche hatne ki mat socho ek bhi ahir kaha nahi manega .

All these soldiers were shot in the head or in the chest, nobody Runaway, THEY WERE NOT SHOT IN THE BACK, For 120 martyred  Indians there were about 1000 dead Chinese.

These is a Story of Charlie Company of 13 KUMAO and these was the last man last round battle. These is just a small battle from an Indo china war, it is so important for us to know that without these battle Ladakh would have been a part of China , we Owe a great Debt to these warriors.

These Article is for the Spirit of these Brave Soldiers and the people of Ladakh.

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Article by – Abhiandniyu

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