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Suicide is not a solution!!!

Suicide is not a solution

What happened with Sushant singh Rajput shocked everyone, how come such a positive person can commit suicide?

Fact that will blow your mind.

More than 264 million people from all over the world are suffering from Depression. According to WHO (world health organization) in the age group of 15-30 suicide is among the 2nd leading cause of death.

Another Report says according to WHO, close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year. There are many Myth about depression which we will be clearing with you today. So please do share these Article to save someone’s Life who is suffering from depression right now.

It is possible that someone from your friend list is suffering from depression right now, to protect him or her do share these Article so they can get some useful information through these Article.

Myth’s About Depression

Myth No 1 – Depression is Extreme sadness

There is a difference between Grief, depression and sadness.

GRIEF – These means that the feeling that you get after the Death of your relative or the loss of someone. But Grief becomes less after certain period of time.

Sadness – Sadness is an emotional pain associated with, or characterized by, feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow.

After attending school with your Friend circle for almost 10 years, and suddenly after school when you enter college for the first time, you leave your comfort zone behind, because you come out of your comfort zone, it takes little time for you for getting adjusted in the different environment.

Depression doesn’t have a connection with How wealthy are you? How close you are with your family? How’s your family life? Or how much money your previous film earned?

Myth no 2 Depression is in your Head

Most of the people consider Depression as a sign of weakness, but they are truly wrong, like many other diseases Depression can also have many reasons and one of the reason is Overthinking and chemical imbalance in your brain.

Depression cannot be cured through positive quotes or depression killing books, most of the people take a wrong step of suicide because of depression, but Suicide is not a Solution, if you notice any of your friend who is suffering from depression, so please Goahead and support him, which can probably save his Life.

Myth no 3Successful people are not Depressed.

Robin Williams was a successful actor, Chester Bennington was a Rockstar and Sushant singh Rajput was a successful actor. What not these people were having, name, fame, money, lavish lifestyle which normal people cannot have, but because of depression they commited Suicide.

The first step to heal a wound is to accept that there is one. If we fall while playing and go factured, then we visit to doctor because we see the injury, but that’s the problem with the mental injury, we don’t see that we are injured, we don’t see that we are suffering.

Taking a help of professional or going to Doctor are not a sign of weakness, in fact these are the best decision to overcome depression. There are websites and suicide helpline numbers, to help you out with these. There is always some one to listen to your problems.

Helpline Number- 91-9152987821

Official Website –

Also many applications such as – Your Dost and

Try having a conversation with the professionals, and trust me it will definitely solve your problem.

Another great solution for these problem is Meditation. Not only physical health, you should also give time to your Mental Health. The more we talk about Mental Health, the more people will understand that talking about it is not a weakness, the more people will start doing Meditation, which in turn will help our society.

Important tip to Enhance your Meditation

Lets create an Environment, that not just us but Even Sushant says that Suicide is not a Solution.

Share with someone you care

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Vandrevala foundation –

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