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Innovative startup idea in 2020

 Things to consider before any startup and innovative startup idea in 2020.

Why does the startup fail?

  •  No market need
  • Ran out of cash
  • Not the right time
  • Pricing and cost issues
  • Ignoring costumers

Choose the business model and desired industry. It maybe is value-added reseller modes and franchise.

DRONES – The most growing trend.

The industry is expected to grow to $127 billion by 2020 so there is the right time to invest your money and time in these projects before it is too late.

  • You can start manufacturing drones according to your budget and criteria.
  •  Or else if you don’t have enough funds then you can also approach the government for some kind of loans as nowadays the government is helping new start-ups to grow.
  • If you are a drone license holder then you can start training the candidates to join the drone flying program.


  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Transport and shipping
  • Agriculture sector
  • Security
  • Travel media and Entertainment

Some advance drones that could come in the future are as follows

This new OCTOCOPTER  is powerful enough to carry two people at a time.

The Griff 300 can carry a payload of up to 225kg (496 lbs)

And having an amazing flight time of up to 45 minutes

  • It can be controlled from ground via radio controller or you can upgrade to a first-person mobile control station
  • It can be equipped with a variety of add ons
  • Making it suitable for many applications such as Fire fighting, search and rescue, and many other important missions.

. The new hybrid-electric package truck has a drone nest on the roof.

In the nest sits a WORKHORSE HORSEFLY  autonomous drone. It has a flight time of 30 minutes.

          UPS delivery drone trucks

  • It can carry up to 10 lbs of packages
  •  The driver loads the package into the drone and uploads the target address than the drone will release from the mount.
  • The drone travels to the target and the driver moves on once it has delivered the package, the drone will find the truck itself.
  • It gets charged itself and gets prepared for another flight.

The drone will act as a mechanized helper for drivers and reduce the number of miles which also saves the fuel cost for the company.

Ups delivery drone trucks could save 150$ million a year.

This is how these unmanned aircraft can help various sectors to grow drastically and definitely the involvement of drones will rise in many sectors in upcoming years.

So this is the best chance to invest in this kind of start-up.

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