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Plastic Bottle Recycling By Banyan Nation

                              Plastic Bottles Recycling

One of the most important topics of all time plastic bottle recycling. Plastic is one of the most versatile innovations of our time. It is the single-use nature of plastics that has made it an ecological and environmental poison.

One of the Company in India called a Banyan nation, which is transforming plastic recycling in India. Banyan nation leverages mobile technology and innovation to drive social change and solve what is the biggest problems of our time, which is Plastic pollution.

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Banyan Nation is started by Mani Vajipey co-founder and CEO and Raj Madangopal Co-founder and CEO of Banyan Nation, both are passionate about solving real world problems which are affecting the lives of everyday citizens. The Inspiring India can surely say that Banyan Nation is Transforming plastic recycling in India.

Recycling activities in India were relegated to the informal markets. The informal recyclers that is commonly knows as “kabbadiwalas” do a fantastic job of collecting discarded plastics, however, they lack the technical competence and the scientific knowledge to convert the waste and process them into high-quality materials for mainstream applications and uses.


Discarded shampoo bottles and lotion bottles have labels, inks, prints, and remnant products. If those contaminants are not eliminated from plastic completely then the recycled plastics will have these impurities in them. Recycled materials that contain such material impurities can only be converted into low-value applications such as benches, tables, buckets, mugs, and chairs.

As a result FMCG majors , auto companies even if they wanted to use recycled plastics for their products and packaging were unable to use it because of these impurities.  

Data Collection

In the year 2014, there was absolutely no DATA on the ground in terms of the amount of plastic waste that was getting generated at the neighborhood level. So Banyan Nation developed these data intelligence platforms to map out all the informal sector such as kabbadiwalas , raddiwalas , and many various collectors in the supply chain and Data’s got collected for plastic bottle recycling.

Banyan Nation took the initiative to train these kinds of people and train them to segregate the materials based on the company’s quality specifications. Once the materials are segregated then they are passed through a series of plastic washing steps. It goes through a proprietary washing technology.

The important thing is plastic bottle recycling is an extremely water-intensive process. It requires water recovery, recycling, and management system and also it needs the best quality water and most importantly recovering close to 100 percent of the water that is consumed during these processes which result in minimizing the depletion of groundwater.

FunFact – To make a plastic bottle that holds one litre of water we waste 10 litres of water!!!

when it’s impossible to avoid Single use plastic, make sure we use it atleast more than once…

Thanks to Banyan Nation

Thanks to Banyan Nation which has proprietary technology eliminates contiminants such as labels , adhesives , inks and other products related contaminants and the end what we get is very fine , quality pellet ( small fine particle ) that goes off into mainstream products and packaging.

The plastic granules that comes out after these operations are very close to virgin quality and as a result giving a confidence to the FMCG and other major companies that discarded shampoo , conditioners , and other various bottles can be used back for mainstream products and packaging again.

The next time you go to a store and pick up a shampoo bottle, see if it uses safe recycled plastic, that’s how we can save our precious environment. Your actions are not going to just save our environment but also reward the neighborhood “kabbadiwala” for their daily hard work.  

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Plastic Bottle Recycling By Banyan Nation

                              Plastic Bottles Recycling One of the most important topics of all time plastic bottle recycling. Plastic is...

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