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Lionel Messi 2020 | Biography | Career |

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On 24 June 1987, Lionel Messi was born in Argentina and comes from a poor family. His father was a factory steelworker and his mother was a part-time cleaner. But nevertheless, he grew up and surrounded by love and support.

Won’t believe but, Messi developed a great passion for football very early in his life. So at the age of 5, Messi started playing football for a local club coached by his father. And when he was 8, he joined the “Newell Old Boys Club.”

Messi grew up very close to his grandmother. So when she passed away, he was in a lot of pain. He was so sad that he didn’t want to play football for weeks. But after his father started pushing him to continue to play. Then later he returned on the field, but he was determined more than ever make his grandmother proud of him.

He dreamed of becoming a professional football player, but that dream started to fall apart when he was diagnosed with “Growth Hormone Deficiency.” This meant that he was physically unable to grow unless he received Expensive Therapy that cost $900 a month.

Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t afford it. And the club that he was playing for refused to pay for the therapy. But even though “Lionel Messi” was the shortest player in his team. His love for football was limitless. So “Messi” wasn’t discouraged, this obstacle didn’t stop him.

Lionel Messi Achievements:

Messi’s talent was so undeniable, that football clubs started noticing him. Then later, River Plate FC showed a big interest in “Lionel Messi” But, lacked the money to sponsor his medical treatment. So in the end they rejected him, because of his medical condition.

But, later “Messi” was noticed by the coach of “FC BARCELONA”. Coach and Club’s members sent an offer to Messi’s family. They proposed a trial period, so they could see for himself if Messi is worth the hype. So only If he passed the trial, the club would paid his medical bills. But on one condition that is, Messi needs to leave his hometown and move to Spain.

Did you know Messi Skills?? When his teammates saw him for the first time, they were very surprised and looked at him in disbelief on how short he was!! But when he went on the field they were shocked by how good and talented he was. The coach was shocked and blown away by Messi’s abilities and talent. They knew that he was born to play football. So they offered him a contract that would change his life forever.

The only thing he had at the moment a paper napkin. So “Messi” first Barcelona Contract was actually written on a napkin and the rest is history.

Till today, he has spent his entire professional career with Barcelona. Messi is like a goal machine and he is often considered the best player in the world.

Messi Career Goals:

All-Time Career Goals Are As Follows – APPS: 856, ASSISTS: 289, GOALS: 697

Lionel Messi Awards:

– Under 20 category, he won the “World Cup Champion” in 2005.

– At the age of 22, Messi won the prestigious “FIFA WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD.”

– He won “FIFA World Cup” (In The Year 2009, 2011 and 2015)

– He also has a record-tying “FIVE BALLOND’OR AWARDS”.


– “Union Of European Football Association Best Player Award”.

– Best Player And Best Striker Of The Year.

Barcelona superstar has been named the highest-paid athlete in the world. You might be thinking that how much does Lionel Messi makes!! Right, before moving on as you know that Lionel Messi’s salary is in millions of dollars. So today I’m gonna share with you his total net worth, car collection, and his houses. Also, you can follow him on the social media platform such as Messi Instagram- @leomessi

Messi Net Worth:

According to latest update 2020, his net worth is over $400 million. Which makes him the highest-paid athlete in the world.

Lionel Messi Cars Collections:


There are so many lessons to be learned from his success. A man who despite his health problems, despite his poor financial background and despite all the rejections he faced. He was still determined to achieve his dream and never give up.

So what is the secret to his success?? The secret behind his enormous success is that there is no secret. You need to work on yourself every single day. Messi’s remarkable success did not come by accident or from any pure luck.

He worked extremely hard and had to give up many things to become who he is today. Give everything you’ve got and started working on your dreams today.

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