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”Inspiring Success Story Of Bill Gates”

One Of  The Greatest Inspiring Success Story All Over Time In History :

let’s get started for my personal favorite inspiring success story.
If there is someone who epitomizes the late 20 century, the legend of the entrepreneurs there is just one man. Bill Gates started a small business from a tiny space and built one of the most powerful companies. Changing billions of life and vast fortune in the process. He started his company way back in 1975  from his small apartment.

Bill Gates Parents And Sister :

Father   – Bill Gates Sr.

Mother – Mary Maxwell Gates

Sister    – Libby Gates

Bill Gates Family :

Wife            – Melinda Gates

Son              – Rory John Gates

Daughter’s – Phoebe Adele Gates

– Jennifer Katharine Gates

Life Success Story :

Bill Gates Education, He was a shy and quiet boy who loves spending time in his room reading books. He was often bullied as a child, so he grew up as an introverted and anti-social kid. In high school his original plan was to teach mathematics. His friend Paul Allen convinced him to pursue a career in Computer Programming. So Bill Gates quickly took his advice and wrote his first Computer program at the age of 13 but, his parents were not happy.
They had other plans for their child, they wanted him to pursue a LAW CAREER. So to make his parents happy, he went to Harvard to study law. But he found himself spending more time on a computer than in class and that was because he was really happy when he was “Coding” and a law was not something that excited him.
So it was time for a bold move. He dropout from Harvard University to pursue his dreams and formed Microsoft with his childhood friend “Paul Allen”. But everything wasn’t going perfect, at first, the company struggled financially, some of their big clients went bankrupt so Bill Gates faced many challenges and obstacles on his path to success.

Business Success Story From Ground to Sky :

One of those challenges was windows 1.0. Young Bill Gates predicated that after it’s release windows will be running on 90% of all the computers, but he was wrong. Windows started receiving poorly by critics and only 10% of computers ended using it and that was not even close to what Bill Gates was expecting. He was disappointed, it was a big setback but also a stepping stone for Microsoft.
After two years of hard work and long hours, Windows 2.0 was released. Big innovations were included, Microsoft Word and Excel were presented for the first time. Windows became a huge commercial success and revolutionized the world. Finally, 90% of computers were using windows.

Bill Gates became a billionaire at the age of 31 and only 8 years later he became the “Richest Man” in the world. Did you know that? Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he has donated more than $45 Billion.Bill Gates Net Worth : Now he has more then, $100 billion.

Did you know, How much does Bill Gates makes a day? The answer is approximately $10 million.

Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world and there’s a lot that can be learned from his success story.

Example Of Success Story: Jack Ma

Bill Gates Car Collection :



PORSCHE 911 Carrera, PORSCHE 959 Coupe And PORSCHE 930.

Bill Gates House :

He purchased the plot for $2 million in 1988 and spend around $63 million to build “Xanadu 2.0” in Medina, Washington. Now today’s market price is more than $130 million.

Total Plot Area :       66,000 square feet.

Home Theater :        20 guests

No Of Kitchens :       06

No Of Bathrooms :   24

No Of Car Garages : 23

He also purchased a 500-acre Wyoming ranch that was around $8.9 million back in 2009.

He owns the 300-acre Rancho Paseana in California which includes a racetrack, orchard and five barns cost around $18 million.

Bill Gates Yacht :

He has 439-foot luxurious Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht with a price tag $645 million.

Bill Gates Watch :

You don’t believe but he wears a simple Casio Sports watch which cost around $48.

I’m not saying you should drop out of school and become the next Bill Gates. To be successful in life you don’t have to be a genius of course that can’t hurt, but whether it’s important to you is do it with passion and have a vision whether is a small business and getting a promotion, working from home, playing an instrument, sports, learning a new language or even breaking records, believe in yourself “Don’t Let Failures Discourage You”.
Even Bill Gates failed many times in his career. He couldn’t predict everything so he faced many obstacles and failures from the very beginning. He is extremely serious about the use of his time and hates the idea of wasting time so stop procrastinating.
Think about all the stupid unnecessary things you’re doing every day which keeps you away from becoming great. And if you’re suffering right now and you feel Stuck, Angry about where you are in life. “Ask Yourself One Simple Question And Be Honest” what radiculous things have I been doing every day that are wasting my time and energy?
Because if you really think about your daily habits I bet !! you can find at least 5 things that you’re doing right now which prevents you from pushing your dreams. How Many Hours Are You Wasting Every Day? Think about it, How much closer could you get to achieving your goals? If you only “stop wasting your time” to meaningless and useless activities but that give you momentarily happiness but at the end of the day actually make you unhappy. Plan your day ahead “Get Up At The Same Time Everyday” and organizing your life.

Conclusion :

In last I would like to say. To gain success be positive and achieve your goals.
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