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India china border issues in ladakh 2020

      What happened at the night of 15th june?

What happened at Galwan Valley? , why is china hiding the number of casualties? What is the importance of this Ladakh conflict ?.

In these article, we will tell you the story of our brave soldiers and about India china border issues, because many of us think that this whole conflict is just for a small piece of land!!.

Due to these border issues on The night of 15 June 2020 our 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives due to injuries while fighting with the Chinese soldiers.

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Here is the list of brave 20 soldiers who martyred on 15 June 2020.

1. Col B Santosh Babu

2. Nb Sub Nuduram Soren

3. Nb Sub Mandeep Singjh

4. Nb Sub Satnam Singh

5. Hav K Palani

6. Hav Sunil Kuma

7. Hav Bipul Roy

8. Nk Deepak Kumar

9. Sep Rajesh Orang

10. Sep Kundan Kumar Ojha

11. Sep Ganesh Ram

12. Sep Chandrakanta Pradhan

13. Sep Ankush

14. Sep Gurbinder

15. Sep Gurtej Singh

16. Sep Chandan Kumar

17. Sep Kundan Kumar

18. Sep Aman Kumar

19. Sep Jai Kishore Singh

20. Sep Ganesh Hansda

On 6th June India and china had a peaceful discussion on the latest border issues. In these talks both the armies were instructed to pull back by 1km each, so that there are no further conflicts.

A buffer zone had been agreed to be created between the LAC and the unction of shyok and Galwan rivers to avoid any faceoff between two armies.

india china border issues

After all of these Colonel santosh Babu noticed that there is one Chinese camp still there near patrolling point 14 , so on the night of 15th june Indian soldiers went to PATROLLING POINT 14 to ensure Chinese camp are removed .

Our brave soldiers didn’t use any weapons , but what about cult china ? they started throwing sharp stones , they used baseball bats with barbed wire to assault our Indian soldiers .

Their  was a Hand to hand battle for about 8 hours.On one hand, china says they want no conflict with India but their action spoke something else.

China has zero freedom of press , obviously their government controls their media completly and thats why china tells us only those things that china wants us to know.

According to US intelligence, there must be around  35 casualties around Chinese side during these latest border issues, and china can hide numbers really well. These is the Chinas Tactics.

What is LOC and LAC

LOC also called as line of control  which is a demarcated line , where both the sides , India and Pakistan know which line not to cross. But LAC is a loose demarcation line where lot of points are open to interpretation . Our definition of LAC is different than that of china .

These India china border issues is from past 60 years china is not ready to talk about these  and come to a common conclusion .The whole conflict is not just to protect the small piece of land , it is to protect the whole Ladakh , because if we give a chance to china , then they are ready to claim entire ladakh if we don’t take a stronge stance now , then nobody knows how much close the china will come.

The fact is china wants to distract the world from these COVID crisis , rightnow whole world is blaming china and china want to change that narrative.

Please share these Article because our Brave soldiers gave their life for not just a piece of land , they gave their life for a purpose .

You should also know about Untold story of battle of Rezang la.

Coronavirus , cyclones and now china , our nation is going through a very tough times and we will definitely come out from it strongly .

Salute to our brave soldiers who fought for us.



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