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Elon Musk Motivation 2020 by Inspiring India

Elon Musk Motivation

How can one man open companies in many different types of fields? Not only opening the companies but also successfully managing the companies, here most of us are not able to manage our exams and these man is changing the whole world

Another motivational article is presented to you by The inspiring India which is Elon Musk Motivation

Elon Musk Motivation
Image by The Inspiring India

You all must be thinking that how can a man be these successful? Our article’s aim is to provide you all Mr. Elon Musks‘ daily schedule, strategy, mindset, and many other things which will be helpful to you in many ways.

“No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder.’’

10 Things that Elon Musk does.

Take shower

Yes, you heard right. you might be thinking how can we all be like Elon musks by taking a shower every day? while taking a shower your mind gets free and you get different types of ideas, we fell free and fresh and also get motivation.

Start taking risks at an early age

Elon musk started zip2 in 1995 when he was just 24 years, he says and even you fail at an early stage then its not a big deal . you can start back.

When we grow older then our family members get dependent on us and it might be difficult for us to take risks, so it is recommended to take risk at early stage of life.

Right communication is the key

For the company to become successful, communication is a very important factor. You must have heard that Elon Musk never picks up the call, he only gives reply through text and emails.

It is also important to know the factor of How to communicate correctly.

Focus on crucial thing first

You must have heard these a lot of places. By getting up in the morning first thing Elon musk does is to reply critical emails which helps him to understand the critical tasks he needs to perform on that day, So our suggestion is that do not waste your most of the time in using social media instead do your critical tasks first such many things we can learn through Elon musk motivation.


Basically Elon musk divides the day into slots and his aim is to utilize every minute, these help to increase the productivity and also helps to increase the output.

Batching  Tasks

In simple words Elon Musk is doing multi-task for example whenever he is spending time with his children he also checks emails and even reply, these help him to save much time.

Similarly, we all also have to learn to manage time through Batching Tasks.

Follow  First Principles

Whenever we have a achieve something impossible we all must try to think through the first principle, do not get demotivated whenever someone tells us that this task is not achievable.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

According to Elon Musk, by reading books we can learn many things and also we can expand our knowledge continuously.

Use FeedBack Loops

We must continuously ask questions to ourself that how can we achieve these, use the feedback from our costumers, and keep growing and inventing new.

Make Stretch Goals

Stretch goals mean the normal person may think that these is impossible to achieve and Elon Musk is master in making the Stretch goals and achieving it.

Apart from all of these Hardwork also matters the most to go ahead of the competition and to create impact.

‘’Focus on signal over Noise . Dont waste your time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better’’

These were the 10 Rules of success by the Elon Musk motivation, keep reading such interesting articles by subscribing to our website and also do comment on your beautiful thoughts in the comment section below.

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