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Did you know Mike Tyson’s net worth in 2021? (Updated)

About Mike Tyson’s ?

Want to know About Mike Tyson’s net worth ?? Mike Tyson is an American former professional boxer, with a successful 20 year’s career in the boxing field. Tyson still holds the record as the youngest boxer ever to win Heavy Weight Champion.

According to Forbes 2020, Mike Tyson’s net worth?? is estimated to be around $3 million. In the past, Mike Tyson holds the net worth more than $600 million, but now losing it all.

Early Life

Mike Tyson didn’t have an easy childhood, when he was only 2 his father “Abandoned” the family and left his mother to take care of their kids on her own.

He was raised in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. Where danger was always just around the corner and because Mike Tyson was small and shy. He was often Bullied, so to defend himself he began developing his fighting skills, but unfortunately that only got him deeper in the crime zone.

Did you know?? By the time he was 13, he had been arrested 38 times.

Mike Tyson Young

This led to him going to perform school just for boys, where he was discovered by the former boxer Bobby Stewart. That’s when he became really interested in boxing. After learning boxing skills, he was introduced to the man who would change his life forever.

The man who would transform Mike Tyson into a boxing legend is one and only “Cus D’Amato.” Later they became so close that they formed a bond like father and son. So he even became his guardian.

But unfortunately, when Mike Tyson was only 16, his mother passed away and a few years later his sister passed away as well from a heart attack. The pain and suffering that followed left a permanent mark on his personality. He was devastated that his mother never had the chance to be proud of her son that actually crushed him emotionally, personally, and became a burden that he carried for years.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

But his trainer was determined to help him stay on the boxing track. Did you know?? Mike Tyson become the new Heavyweight Champion before reaching his 21st Birthday and is only possible with the determination, hard work, and impeccable work ethic that dream became an actual reality. And also Mike Tyson’s movie got a fabulous hit and inspired a lot of youths.

Mike Tyson House And Cars

Source- Net Worth Now

His 21-room Connecticut mansion would later be owned by 50 Cent. This mansion featured a nightclub and casino. Mike also bought houses in Las Vegas, Ohio, and Maryland. His Ohio mansion featured gold-plated furnishings, pools, and a basketball court. His $4 million Las Vegas property featured a 10,000 square-foot mansion that he proceeded to remodel from scratch.

Mike has owned well over 100 cars during his lifetime. Some were extremely valuable and rare. He owned a Bentley that was one of 70 total produced and cost $500,000. After totaling a Range Rover in 1995, he told the repair shop to “keep it.” He would frequently lend cars to friends, then forget about them. He bought 20 cars at one short in Las Vegas dealership alone.

That dealership, Jim Chaisson Motors, is where Mike spent $1.9 million in a few minutes one day, buying five Bentley Azures.
One of the most outlandish purchases Tyson ever made was a $2 million golden bathtub for his first wife, actress Robin Givens. According to legend, he would periodically buy strangers lavish gifts like $100,000 watches.

Mike Tyson Record/Highlights

Defeats Hector Mercedes in first round [1985]

Still Holds the title Youngest Ever Heavy-weight Champion [1986]

Once again wins the WBA Heavy-weight Title [1987]

Becomes Undisputed Heavy-weight Champion by knocking out Michael within 90 seconds [1988]

Mike Tyson is knocked out by Buster Douglas & loses Heavy-weight Title [1990]

Mike Tyson Expenditures

Mike Tyson lived a famously lavish lifestyle in his career. He wasted millions of dollars on Mansions, Cars, Jewelry, Gifts for strangers, and even a collection of Bengal tigers. His tigers cost $75,000 a pop and were housed in a custom-built habitat in his backyard. Also, Mike Tyson kept an animal trainer at a cost of $120,000 per year.

He kept a person on a staff basis, whose role was to wear army fatigues and shout “Guerrilla Warfare” at press conferences. For his service, this person was paid $250,000 per year.

Mike Tyson was imprisoned between 1991 and 1995. In the four years immediately following his release, Tyson spent the following amounts as below:

  • $5 million dollars on cars and motorbikes (20 vehicles he bought for his friends)
  • $270,000 on lawn care and garden maintenance alone.
  • $240,000 per month for walking around money that he spent in daily life.
  • $100,000 on cell phones, pagers, and phone bills.
  • $120,000 per year for an animal trainer to take care of the Bengal tigers.
  • $100,000 per month on jewelry and clothes.

Personal Appearance Fees

Mike Tyson has called Las Vegas home for the last two decades. In Vegas, he earns a healthy living making personal appearances at parties and corporate events. Mike charges $80,000 for a two-hour personal appearance.


He still holds the records as the youngest boxer to win a heavy weight title. The question is how did he accomplish all of that?? Always testing yourself, pushing yourself to the limits that’s what success is in general. But it’s all about sacrifice and sometimes you can’t have fun accomplishing your goals and when people don’t have the determination ie The will!! The Tenacity!!

In order to be a great, you have to be prepared to fail greatly as well and one more thing it’s only depend on you, how you handle the failures.

If we got a bad hand, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna lose the game!! and we’re gonna hold on to the end, it’s the same way in boxing fighting match and in life.

What do you think about Mike Tyson’s net worth?? Leave a comment below and subscribe to our website for the latest updates.

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