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Annual revenue of Survivalist, Bear grylls net worth 2020

Introduction :

Most people are very curious to know How much is Bear grylls net worth?? So in this article, I’m gonna share with you all of the details.
Bear Grylls is a popular adventurer and survival expert. Who dares to do what no one else has done before from exploring different jungles to climbing big mountains, eating insects, and surviving in harsh conditions.
The reason behind his success is an incredible mindset to go beyond pain, fear, and push himself to the extreme limits.
Bear Grylls success story will inspire you and teach you, how to survive anything that life throws at you and achieve your dreams.

Bear grylls net worth :

source – only celebrity life

He has an estimated Bear grylls net worth is $27 million dollars. According to recent reports, he earns almost $35,000 per episode. Now he is living a lavish lifestyle in his Island Mansion which is located at Abersoch, North Wales.

Bear Grylls Family :

  • Father – Mr. Michael Grylls
  • Mother – Ms. Sara Grylls
  • Wife – Ms. Shara Cannings knight
  • Siblings – Ms. Lara Fawcett (Older Sister)
  • Grandfather – Mr. William Edward Grylls
  • Grandmother – Rachel Elizabeth Knapp

Bear Grylls Wife :

Bear married Shara Cannings knight in year 2000. And they have 3 sons named as Jesse Grylls (Born in 2003), Marmaduke Grylls (Born in 2006) and Huckleberry Grylls (Born year 2009).

Bear Grylls Biography :

He was born in the United Kingdom on 7th June 1974 London, England (46 years old).
Did you know that what is the real name of Bear Grylls and how he got a nickname called “Bear” ?? So his real name is Edward Michael Grylls and his Older sister Lara Fawcett gave him the name called “Bear” when he was just a few weeks old.
Since he was a kid, Bear Grylls loved adventures. He always used to climb Cliffs and mountains with his dad and felt at home in the wild.
But unfortunately, he had a really hard time at school. He was constantly bullied. He and his friend were often beaten up by another guy who was physically stronger. Bear Grylls became tired of feeling fragile and terrified all the time.

Then later, he decided to train in martial art along with his good friends. To learn how to defend himself. Every night he used to sleep on the floor and train hard. As the days passed, he learned a lot of defense techniques and prepare ourselves, how to fight with others so the bullying should be stopped. Finally, His confidence began to rise and he was not afraid anymore.Bear grylls net worth
After finishing school, he went on his first Himalayan adventure and spending month’s hiking in India. He really loved being there.
In 1994, he joined the British Army and served in the “Special Air Service” for 3 year’s. During this time he learned a lot of surviving skills and techniques that made him a real surviving specialist.

Bear Grylls Books :

Apart from his TV work, Grylls has released a children’s adventure series called Mission Survival – “Sands of the Scorpion”, Mission Survival – “Way of the Wolf”, “Gold of the God’s”, and “Claws of the Crocodile”.
His autobiography, “Mud Sweat and Tears” spent 15 weeks at Number 1 position on the “Sunday Times” bestseller list and he has written over 90 books, they sold more than 19 million copies through worldwide.

Bear Grylls Running Wild :

He did several other reality TV series like “Bear Grylls Wild Weekends”, “Bear Grylls Servival School”, “The Island With Bear Grylls”, “Bear Grylls Running Wild”, “Bear Grylls Mission Service” and more.
He also host a series called “Man vs Wild” [ India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States ] and “Ultimate Survival” [ Asia, Europe and Africa ]

Bear Grylls Accident :

But one training exercise went very wrong and almost cost his life Bear Grylls jumped out of a plane over Zambia but during the skydive, his parachute refused to open at 18000 ft. He feel on the ground and broke his back on 4 different places. The damage so severe that doctor’s told him, he might never walk again. 

He spent almost 20 painful month’s in military rehab. But he didn’t stop there and he started again climbing and climbing in different countries. Bear Grylls childhood dream was to climb Mount Everest in his life and he did it.
His life never was the same again, it took off in ways he couldn’t have imagined. Almost 20 months after the injury, he climbed Mount Everest and soon Bear Grylls became a “Global TV Star”.

Conclusion :

No matter, how much negative situation comes in our Life, we should be positive and try to overcome those situations with our full strength, just like Bear Grylls who came back very strong after the accident. SO this was our beautiful article on Bear grylls net worth. Do share these blog if you found it useful. Do check our Motivational Articles


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Annual revenue of Survivalist, Bear grylls net worth 2020

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