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Bagha Jatin, Another Forgotten Hero, we should remember.

There were too many Independent fighters in India. Many Indians have lost their lives in Indian and British battles.
Many people shot themselves, Because they did not want to die at the hands of the British. Many were
killed by the British. Some saved the dying India by dying, some saved the nation from truth and non-violence,
some from outside India. In these Article we are going to give some information about Bagha Jatin.

Bagha Jatin

Do you know about Bagha Jatin? Your answer will be no. Many people would know. Today we will tell you about
that great man Bagha Jatin. Please read our article carefully and also share it with your friends.

There were many freedom fighters who were suppressed in the pages of history, Jatindra Nath Mukherjee is also
facing this abuse of history, many historians in spreading such confusion. Even today, we do not lack that “the
country will get freedom without a shield, without a shield”, but if the pages of history are reconstructed, this
song does not stand the test of truth, to liberate our gold bird which was imprisoned by the British. For many
Ranbankuro sacrificed his life, freedom fighter Shri Jatindranath Mukherjee is also one of those heroes.

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Freedom fighter Shri Jatindranath Mukherjee was born in Kayagram in Jaisol district. In childhood, this father’s
hand got up from his head, then the mother raised him with great hardships. Over time, Jatindra grew up and
was rich from Balishtha’s body since childhood. He completed matriculation examination at the age of 18, then
joined Kolkata University to earn a family life.

Once a jatindranath who was jealous by nature, he was confronted by a part once, he was faced with one
part, the tiger was very ferocious but Nath was no less courageous. He faced the tiger fearlessly instead of
running towards others. And killed that tiger with his hood, since then his nickname was “Bagha Jatin“.

The devious British had planned to break up at that time when Bagha Jatin got the news of this, then the blood of
Mukherjee, who dreamed of independence, started boilin
blood in the blood veins and taking more boil. They
kicked off the British jobs and started on the path of the freedom movement. After joining a revolutionary
organization in 1910, he was arrested and sentenced to one year in the Howrah Conspiracy Case.

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After his release from prison, he became a member of the Anushilan Committee and took up his role, playing an
active role. During this time, the English police had a close watch on him and on 7 September 1915, the police
had found out their eggs. Jatin Babu left the place with his companions but an officer named Raj Mahanti tried to
capture him with the help of the people of the village, due to being overcrowded,

Jatindranath fired a shot to
disperse the crowd and Raj Mahanti died there.

The news spread like a fire and when it was reported to Balasore District Magistrate Kilvi, the magistrate reached
there with complete preparation. A revolutionary was ill there, Bagha Jatin was not ready to leave him. When the
bullets started firing from both sides, a revolutionary named Chitrapriya became a martyr. 2 fellow
revolutionaries took over there but in the meantime Jitendra’s whole body was cut with bullets. He was taken to
the hospital from there, but the very next day he slept forever in the lap of Veer Shiromani Bharat Mata. Today,
such heroes are bowed down to the whole of India.

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Bagha Jatin, Another Forgotten Hero, we should remember.

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